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About Us

Dpuls is a new brand in the field of Darts driven by our passion for the sport.
Dpuls is a Darts and Dartboards company, proudly established in Greece.
The company was founded in 2018. The idea was born from 3 Greek Darts players.
Selachoglou Ioannis, Anisis Akis and Anisis Nick.
Our mission is to create and develop darts sets for the soft tip and steel tip dartboards and give additional power to every player in order to become better.
Moreover, we are planning to create dartboards and darts accessories of the highest quality.
Research in every facet of the bristle and electronic dartboards and tungsten darts market worldwide made us able to present you our first step in the field.
Better feeling and additional power to the player’s hand is the key to success. And this is our passionate mission.
Designed, develop and innovation of our products is totally made from our team in Greece.
Follow us and stay tuned. Darts Revolution is coming.

Company details are the following:

CEO: Anisis Nick
P.O.Box: 16533
Zip Code: 19023
Porto Rafti - Greece
Vat No: EL073569137
EORI No: GR 073569137
Hellenic Business Registry No: 000137612503000
Tel No: +30 2299990920
Fax No: +30 2299086929




Our products covered by a warranty.
Our products may consist of several different parts and different parts may be covered by different Warranty periods.
Please ask us for more details.







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